zelda seevers was born into an ecceltic family. her parents had been actively involved in the hippie movement of the 1960s and 70s, mellowed out once it was over, and had eventually semi-settled in to start their family. the roots of their parenting were deeply tied to their "wild flower child" beliefs and acts of rebellion. they wouldn't be the same types of parents their parents had been; strict, controlling, and very by-the-law and ruleabiding. their involvement in free love directly showed in the way they opted to raise their children, even if they had grown up and out of many aspects of it.

it certainly didn't hurt that her father's parents were old hollywood types, silver screen darlings, and set a "golden standard" in their time. they themselves had been expected to settle down and create the perfect family which, in the eyes of many, they did. it wasn't until their children were teenagers that the image began to fall apart, however privately, and the cracks began to show. it was a marriage of convenience rather than love. her mother's parents weren't quite as prestegious or infamous, lurking mostly in the background, but they were powerful backers in hollywood in their own right. her father would follow in his parents footsteps, creating a name and legacy of his own, outside of the shadow of his famous parents. her mother, more lowkey than zelda's father, was along for the ride, mostly, and to be a support system. it was, unlike the older influences in their own lives, genuine love and affection as opposed to convenience.

as such, and with plenty of money to spare, zelda was awarded numerous freedoms as a child.
⤑ full name Zelda Seevers ⤑ comicverse zatanna ⤑ date of birth + age 31 October / TBD ⤑ birthplace Las Vegas, Nevada ⤑ current residence Boston, Massachusetts ⤑ occupation TBD ⤑ relationship status Single ⤑ education TBD ⤑ relatives GIORGO (FATHER, PRESUMED DECEASED), SERINDA (MOTHER, DECEASED), ZANE (BROTHER). ⤑ pets TBD
Zatanna is the daughter of adventurer John Zatara and his wife Sindella, and a member of the mystic tribe of sorcerers called the Hidden Ones, or Homo Magi. Zatanna inherited her mother's ability to manipulate magic and her father's penchant for heroism. Sindella later faked her own death to return the Hidden One's sanctum in Turkey, leaving her daughter in John Zatara's care.

Zatara traveled the world with his daughter and taught her to harness her magical abilities. Zatanna was later raised by strangers, however, when the evil witch Allura cursed Zatanna and prevented her from seeing her father. Zatanna was left to search fruitlessly for her natural parents.

Zatanna discovered her father's diary and created a stage persona for herself. Her quest to find her father led her into a brief affair with John Constantine. Later, with the help of the Justice League of America, Zatanna was able to lift Allura's curse and reunite with her father and later her mother. Tragically, Sindella died rescuing her daughter from the city of the Hidden Ones, while her father died saving her and the spiritual dimensions from the Great Evil Beast.

As a long standing member of the JLA, Zatanna fought countless super-villains and mystic threats. After the death of her father, however, she retired from active adventuring and continues to maintain her family home of Shadowcrest. She now lives in San Francisco, seeking a normal life while trying to preserve the balance of Earth's light and dark mystical community. In this role she serves as one of the Sentinels of Magic.


Point of Canon
Zatanna is pulled from New Earth.
locked incentives (abilities)
  • magic
    • elemental control
    • telekinesis
      dimensional travel
      reality alteration
      weather manipulation
      eldritch blast
      energy construct creation
      force field
      size alteration
    astral projection
    hand-to-hand combat (advanced)

    locked incentives (memories) justice league of america
    justice league dark

    locked incentives (items) magic wand
    magician's hat

    locked incentives (location) shadowcrest

    comic parallels
    has the same initials as zatanna.
    similar physical traits - dark hair, tall and .
    father was a world renown escape artist/daredevil specializing in illusion
    father is deceased and has no contact with her mother
    runs a spirit-based jewelery and clothing boutique with an in house apothecary using pagan rituals
    inherited an estate from her father similar to shadowcrest